Timber Value vs "Agroforestry" Value

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> > > I once saw some rough calculations that sought to show that during a
> > > 100-year rotation the dollar value of pine mushrooms in a given
> > > Pacific North West old growth habitat exceeded the dollar value of two
> > > x 100-year-old red cedar harvests on the same hectarage.
> > > 
> > > Does anyone have, or recall, such calculations?
> > > 
> > I remember the study David. But don't have the citation.
> > 
> > The study(ies?) was done in southern Oregon by graduate students
> > attending Oregon State University. The study I saw would have been
> > done about 1994 or later, since it quoted prices for retail matsutake
> > (Japanese for pine mushrooms, aka Tricholoma (= Armillaria)
> > magnilevare) at its highest recorded point. I don't know of the
> > reference to two 100-year-old Western red cedar harvests in the study.
> > But there was reference to the Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) which
> > most of the mushrooms were found with, and their comparative value.
> > 
> > I would be terribly surprised if any study compared cedar harvest(s)
> > to mushrooms income, since Thuja plicata has no known mycorrhizal
> > partners to my knowledge. 
> ****  Daniel, thank you very much for the prompt and learned reply!  I
> am not a botanist or forester, and I was probably stabbing at "red
> cedar" as a catch-all category to connote valuable timber.
> Certainly the temporary sky-high Japanese market got a lot of people
> excited (In North West BC some handguns were brandished at various
> sites!).  Maybe 100 annual harvests of perfect mushrooms(top market
> price requires perfect mushrooms)at top price makes the exchange for
> timber worthwhile.  I will go hunt some more (for data, not for
> mushrooms)  Thanks again.  DK, Canada ****
See also "Dancing with an Elephant Proceedings: The Business and
Science of Special Forest Products, A Conference and Exposition,
January 26-27, 1994 . Hillsboro, OR" published by the Western Forestry
and Conservation Association, 4033 SW Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221
(503) 226-4562, fax: (503) 226-2515.

Several studies were mentioned from British Columbia also. I believe
they ame from Mushrooms, the Journal of Wild Mushrooming, but cannot
remember which issue. As I recall, there was a proposed clearcut on
native peoples land in BC, which was contested by the people on ground
that the matsutake found there were more valuable as a yearly
commodity than the timber. The trees were cut anyway. Possibly near
Bella Coola (or was that another study?).

Daniel B. Wheeler

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