Preserving tree slices

JT mitt at
Thu Sep 20 14:16:04 EST 2001

Ken Baker <dr_smug at> skrev i
diskussionsgruppsmeddelandet:3ba9bb76.11111010 at
> Hi:
> I'd like to preserve a slice from a large tree which was just cut
> down, and I wondered what the best way of drying the slice was to
> prevent cracking?

If you have the possibility to take another slice, not more than one half
inch in
thickness, and like to experiment, you could try to put it in a microwave
Time would depend on some factors, but 20 minutes and the owen set to
maximum power would do the job. That is if you can get the slice into the

The method has been used for producing faces for clocks by a friend of mine,
and works fine in most cases.


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