Preserving tree slices

Mike Cleven ironmtn at
Mon Sep 24 00:00:03 EST 2001

Frank McVey wrote:
> Hi, Ken.
> There's been a lot of discussion over at rec.crafts.woodturning lately,
> regarding the use of dishwasher detergent solution for preventing cracking
> when turning green bowls.  You might like to have a look at Google.

I agree that a woodcrafts NG is probably the best place to ask.  One
thing about keeping it wrapped in plastic and kept outside on the north
side of the house - bring it in before any severe frosts.  The basement
or crawlspace of your house is probably the next-best place; just not
near the furnace or another heat source.  

"Seasoning" wood, esp. hardwood such as chestnut, is part of a
furniture-craftsman's expertise.  We had some maple burls here
(distortions of the ring structure caused by fungus) that my great-uncle
had set aside to make coffee-tables from (once very fashionable); he'd
let them sit for a couple of years before working on them.....


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