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Lee Murray bh295 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Mon Sep 24 23:22:12 EST 2001

The plan is to raise enough money as well as ongoing interest
in the Kentucky forest, through future years, to support and maintain 
the forest.

Arts, and wild herbs, are two areas of activity and interest. It is desired
to have members/supporters from other places, as well as locally. 

Arts productions that invite new young artists can be a source of
funding, as well as getting new young people involved in the forest project 
as time goes on.  How do we involve people who live far away, in other 
countries, etc., so they want to participate, and feel connected 
to the project?  How can we share the inspiration of the forest with 
artists at a distance? Writers, graphic artists, theatre, music, etc.?

Wild herbs could possibly create funding, but only with intensive site 
management. How can we help people to feel a sense of investment in 
the wild herbs habitat (the forest) when they live far away?   
How can it work to have some local members, and some who live far away, 
with interest in the wild herbs?

Your thoughts are invited. I've started the new mailing list,
 skyrock at    if you want to subscribe at the webpage,,
"Join a new mailing list" (on the right screen and down partway.)
When you get there, type in 'skyrock'.  

Thanks, Lee bh295 at
--                    treesong             DryaD

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