New Book: Nontimber Forest Products in the United States

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New Book: Nontimber Forest Products in the United States
Edited by E. Jones, R. McLain, J. Weigand
University Press of Kansas May 2002

This 424 page anthology provides the first comprehensive examination of
nontimber forest products (NTFPs) in the United States. As the first
national overview of NTFP policy and management specific to the United
States, it brings together research from numerous disciplines and analytical
perspectives--such as biology, ecology, economics, history, ecology, law,
entomology, forestry, geography, and anthropology--in order to provide a
cohesive picture of the current and potential role of NTFPs. The thirty-two
contributors review the state of scientific knowledge of NTFPs by offering a
survey of commercial and noncommercial products, an overview of uses and
users, and discussions of sustainable management issues associated with
ecology, cultural traditions, forest policy, and commerce. They examine some
of the major social, economic, and biological benefits of NTFPs, while also
addressing the potential negative consequences of NTFP harvesting on forest
ecosystems and on NTFP species populations.
Ordering Information:

University Press of Kansas: (785) 864-4155
Paper ISBN 0-7006-1166-5 $29.95
Cloth ISBN 0-7006-1165-7 $60.00

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