New Forest Service policies take a big step backward

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> > I believe what was being referred to here is the fact that the most
> > used cord to mbf ratio is 2 cords/1mbf.
> >
> I suppose that depends on the size of the tree and the amount of waste
> generated during sawing. A single 8-foot diameter log 4 feet long
> should produce close to 1mbf. Smaller diameter material has
> considerably more waste due to wood curvature. But even chips and
> sawdust waste are now being used in lumber creation (particle board
> comes to mind) so I'm not sure that figure still applies.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

For a reasonably brief but comprehensive discussion of board foot to cord
ratios see page 1.45 of the "Forestry Handbook".
You will note that the ratio is very closely tied to average log diameter,
and, except for rather large logs, is generally closer to 3  cords/1mbf than
the 2cords/1mbf used by the USFS.  These ratios assume just the material
that has been cut into bolts or logs, not total tree biomass.

Bob Weinberger

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