Employment, Education, Income (SF3) Data from the Census 2000

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Mon Aug 26 19:05:36 EST 2002

The US Census Bureau (USCB) has released 2000 Long Form (SF3) data 
down to the Tract, Block Group and Zip code level for the first few 
states. At GeoLytics we are committed to giving you access to the 
Census data as quickly as possible.  

We are already shipping, CensusCD 2000/Long Form Profile – Long Form 
data at an overview level and will soon begin shipping CensusCD 
2000/Long Form Interim – the full Long Form data set – down to the zip 
code and block group level.

CensusCD 2000/Long Form Profile – an overview 420 variables about 
employment, income, poverty, education, language, ancestry, housing 
value, rent and many others.  It does not include the cross-tabulated 
variables (income by age, employment by race) and data are only 
available at the larger geographic divisions of the US (Nation, 
Region, State, MSA, County, Place, MCD)  – available now for  $500

CensusCD 2000/Long Form – all 16,000 variables (including all of the 
cross-tabulations) at the tract level and 5,500 at the Block Group 
level.  The data are available at all of the small and large 
geographies (nation down to block group and zip code).  The final Long 
Form product, available in October 2002, costs $895 for the nation or 
$449 for a single state.

CensusCD 2000/Long Form Interim – this will include the full Long Form 
data set for the first 20-25 states that are released by the Census 
Bureau.  The states the USCB expects to have released are: AL, CA, CT, 
CO, DE, DC, IL, IA, KS, KY, MD, MA, MO, MT, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, ND, 

CensuSmart 2002 – all 3 Long Form data products - we will send you the 
Profile right away, the Long Form Interim data for the first states in 
early September and then your final installment will come in October.  
The price for this is only $995 for the nation.

CensusCD Neighborhood Change Data Base – Tract level data from 1970, 
1980, 1990, and 2000.  This product offers the data in the census-
defined geographies as well as 1970-1990 normalized to 2000 boundaries 
for exact comparisons of demographic changes over time.  Our Long Form 
version of this product will be out at the end of 2002.

All of our census-based products come with built-in mapping 
capabilities.  With a few quick keystrokes you can generate full-blown 
maps or tables.  You can export the file data into other programs such 
as statistical (e.g. SAS, SPSS), database (e.g. Access, Oracle), 
spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, 1-2-3), and mapping (e.g. Arc View, MapInfo) 

For a fuller product description or list of variables for our 
products, please go to our website at http: 

If you want to order or have questions about any of these products,
- Call us at 1-800-577-6717;
- Send us an email at questions at uscensus.info
- To order on-line go to http://www.uscensus.info/order.htm 

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