Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

flamestar jamesjosephbriggs at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 26 19:44:52 EST 2002

You have no answer to a statement from someone who smarter then you so
you find an obscure put down written by someone smarter then you.

If you cared about the environment you would admit that something is
wrong but you won't so you don't

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> > They don't give a damn about the environment. All environmentalists
> > are are butt boys for the democratic party.  If they cared about the
> > environment they would be the most upset about forest fires but they
> > keep defending the fires.
> To paraphrase George S. Kaufman, 1889-1961, (and without allowances for the
> since-launched HST):
> "On Mount Wilson, there is a telescope that can magnify the most distant
> stars up to 24 times the magnification of any previous telescope.   This
> remarkable instrument was unsurpassed in the world of astronomy until the
> construction of the Mount Palomar telescope, an even more remarkable
> instrument of magnification.   Owing to advances and improvements in optical
> technology, it is capable of magnifying the stars to four times the
> magnification and resolution of the Mount Wilson telescope.  If you could
> somehow put the Mount Wilson telescope inside the Mount Palomar telescope,
> you *still* wouldn't be able to detect the depths of stupidity in that
> statement."
> HTH,
> Joe F.

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