Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

Wolfgang Siebeneich wolfgang at mcw.edu
Mon Aug 26 20:26:15 EST 2002

flamestar wrote:
> You have no answer to a statement from someone who smarter then you so
> you find an obscure put down written by someone smarter then you.
> If you cared about the environment you would admit that something is
> wrong but you won't so you don't

See, THIS is why I love cross posted threads!  Over here in r.o.f.f. we
have the occasional acephalous twit drop by and of course we have a
couple of resident jactitating fools, but it's only on these lovely
forays into foreign realms that we are exposed to so many selfless asses
so eager to displays the unspeakable horrors their ancestors have
inflicted on the gene pool.     :)

warms my heart, it does.

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