Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

Greg Pavlov gregpavlov at XXfastmail.fm
Tue Aug 27 07:32:11 EST 2002

 ... and they're right.  Did you ever read up on how giant redwoods
 managed to survive several thousand years ?  ... until they were 
 cut down to "save" them from fire, that is.

On 27 Aug 2002 02:10:35 -0700, jamesjosephbriggs at yahoo.com (flamestar)

>I don't ignore them at all. It is my belief that they are hired by
>groups like the Sierra Club to burn the forests. After all according
>to the Sierra Club Forest Fires are like sunshine and all they are
>doing is bringing a little sun shine to the forests.
>Here's what the Sierra Club has actually said:
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