Environmentalists Want To Save The Forests From Logging by Burning Them

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Tue Aug 27 09:41:02 EST 2002

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>I don't ignore them at all. It is my belief that they are hired by
>groups like the Sierra Club to burn the forests. 

Then you might want to think about defending yourself from a libel 

>After all according
>to the Sierra Club Forest Fires are like sunshine and all they are
>doing is bringing a little sun shine to the forests.
>Here's what the Sierra Club has actually said:
>"[Fire] is not a good thing or a bad thing. It's part of the system.
>It's just
>like sunshine and rain." 
>-- Jim Brenner, Fire Management Administrator for the Florida
>Department of

Well, first, this person isn't identified as a Sierra Club member.  
Second, what he said is correct.

>Logging interests and pro-business federal agencies claim that we need
>destroy our wild forests to help prevent dangerous forest fires. In
>fact, the
>reverse is true: logging has been shown to multiply the risk of
>forest fires. That's because timber companies cut down the largest
>trees, which
>are the most resistant to fire, leaving behind flammable smaller trees
>piles of debris. As this report shows, we need to protect, not log,
>national forests - now more than ever.
>Download the Full Report (1.3-mb Acrobat file)
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>Anti-environmental myths
>Practical skepticism
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>> jamesjosephbriggs at yahoo.com (flamestar) wrote in message 
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>> > Environmentalists are the only one's who have a motive to commit 
>> > in National forests as they would rather have forests burned then
>> > logged.
>> You ignore the number of fires set by forest service and inactive
>> firefighters this year.
>> As I would expect.
>> Flamestar has stupornova'd.
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