growing GIANT SEQUOIA- Sequoiadendron giganteum in India

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|> thanks to all for help & suggestions
|> am planning to go ahead & give it a shot ... although it does not get
|> very cold near bombay... & has very slim chances of growing
|> most sources seem to be good, but the link that clear cut has posted
|> seems to be quite a reliable source for getting seeds
|> Polar, I may not be around when & if this tree ever grows fully.. but
|> will feel good even if it starts growing .... :)

It apparently isn't too hard to grow from seed, but it MUST be
planted in a soil-based compost.  The reason that the trees need
fire is to clear the needle debris so that the seeds can
germinate.  I think that they can get though only a fraction of
an inch before they must reach soil.

There are a fair number in the UK, but it is really a bit cold
and wet for them - note that this means summer, not winter.
My guess is that it might survive once it gets established, but
the problem will be doing that.

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