Stars Wars logging machine?

Mhagen mhagen at
Fri Dec 13 12:09:11 EST 2002

Larry Harrell wrote:
> I just got a pic and a very short video clip of a new feller buncher
> which has no wheels. It looks like a bug with six legs and a boom arm.
> It also looks like it can handle steeper ground with no damage to
> soils. This machine looks rather slow but is really cool to look at. I
> don't think it has as many uses as a standard cut-to-length processor
> and how would you get the logs off of that steeper ground?
> (helicopter?)
> I can email anyone a pic but the video is too dang huge for me to send
> over the Internet.
> Larry

Is this an old machine or a new one?  We had a Spider working in this 
area about twenty years ago.  The description fits.  It's basically a 
back hoe frame and engine, with hydraulic legs and a cutting tool on an 
arm.  Very interesting to watch work on a steep slope.  The actual name 
was a "something" Superhoe. Made in Norway.  The same rig was converted 
afterward to a backhoe with thumb, two legs and drop down wheels, and 
used for in-stream restoration jobs. It's in Grays Harbor county now.

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