growing GIANT SEQUOIA- Sequoiadendron giganteum in India

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Sat Dec 14 05:20:17 EST 2002

In article <2002Dec13.230712.25480 at>, Beverly
Erlebacher <bae at> writes
>I've read that before the ice ages started a couple hundred million years ago,
>the world had a climate that varied much less with latitude.  Not only was
>Antartica heavily forested with Nothofagus spp., but the entire north circum-
>polar area, which is now mostly tundra and scrubby boreal forest, was covered
>with sequoia forest.  It's kind of mind-boggling to imagine such a forest, eh?

The base of the Pleistocene is about 2m years ago, tho' the climatic
cycles started earlier. Antarctica has been glaciated for longer, but
more of the order of 20m years than 200m. OTOH, I wouldn't be too
surprised to find relatively recent records of forests in the Antarctic
Stewart Robert Hinsley

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