(LONG) Bigfoot Is Dead

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Thu Dec 19 12:26:29 EST 2002

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> > > From The Oregonian, Dec. 6, 2002, p A1
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> > > Bighoax: The abominable truth can finally be told
> > > The family of Ray L. Wallace goes public with his monstrous prank
> > > after his death at age 84
> > > 
> > snip good stuff, not all true
> > 
> > Ray was a joker and an original character. However, I seriously doubt 
> > his "confession" will sway true Bigfoot devotees pro or con.  I 
> > recommend Robert Michael Pyle's book, Where Bigfoot Walks, for a good 
> > holiday read.  Many native people take BF seriously. I've been warned 
> > about the big guy myself when cruising certain tribal forestlands.
> The original article of the Lost Cabin Mine would have placed the
> location near either Mt. Adams or Mt. St. Helens (which also has an
> "Ape Cave"). The story was that after finding a rich placer deposit,
> several miners woke up to large rocks bouncing through their log-cabin
Sounds like a cool spot. I worked on the Orleans District in the mid 
70's - that's where Bluff Creek is.  That combination of extreme terrain 
and isolation is actually pretty common in the coast range - no matter 
if the tract has been roaded. It's a very steep, rugged place, covered 
in poison oak and big trees.  Believe me - the Big Guy could have mooned 
Bf investigators from 15 feet off any road and nobody would have been 
the wiser.  Had a barracks mate there called Bigfoot too. 

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