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> Larry Harrell wrote:
> > In Region 5 of the US Forest Service, TEAMS (Timber Experts And
> > Services) will be hiring both temporary and permanent positions this
> > There will be several permanent seasonal
> permanent seasonal? I think there are also lots of "permanent seasonal"
> available picking lettuce in California, too.

These jobs only guarantee 6 months of work but, they do have all the
benefits that come with being a permanent employee.

> > GS-0462-5, 6, 7 appointments that
> > will be open to the public. This is a perfect position for a forestry
> > or a longtime temporary to get his/her foot in the door. Also, this
> > will allow you to move up non-competetively
> non-competetively?

Just from a GS-5 to a 6, or a GS-6 to a 7.

> > when you meet the specs. Keep
> > watching the OPM website at to see
when it
> > opens.
> >
> > I think there may also be a couple of professional Forester trainee
> > positions coming up as well.
> How can you tell by looking at someone that they're a "professional
> Do they have that uppity look of a doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer or
> real professional? Oh, only after joining the SAF?

Us technicians also joke about that magical designation too..... GS-0460
Professional Forester.....Oooooh!
It does have a much higher ceiling, though. Maybe someday I'll go back to
school and get the paper.

> > Temporary positions will be filled from the
> > Temp hiring system based in Boise. It is important that you put Sequoia
> > National Forest as your preference for temporary work. "Duty Stations"
> > "virtual" in that you are almost always in travel status, getting "per
> > and lodging paid for. Travel status policies are 21 work days on then,
> > for a week. There is always plenty of overtime available, too.
> Amazing that you have to scheme and scam to get those jobs. That's what
> when the "forestry profession" doesn't have the smarts to shut down some
> forestry schools.

Actually, we do have to scam to get good applicants these days. "Pilferring"
good temporaries from Ranger Districts has been the best way , so far
(That's how I was hired). It does kind of anger me to see people getting in
permanent so easily when I had to toil for years and years. TEAMS actually
IS the cutting-edge of the USFS by implementing many of the Agency's newest
natural resource projects in the center of the public's attention. The
Bitterroot, QLG and the Clinton Northwest Forest Plan. Once they get through
the appeals, courts and drawing boards, we have to implement something on
the ground that has never been done before.

> >
> >
> > TEAMS is a growing "Enterprise" within Region 5's "Reinvention Lab". We
> > all kinds of natural resource projects, bidding on government projects
> > operating like a private business with no funding from Congress.
> No funding from Congress? But, where does the money come from for those
> government projects?

The project's funding does come from Congress through their own National
Forests. TEAMS funding comes solely from our own contracts.

> > TEAMS has
> > both a Planning side and an Implementation side.
> >
> > This is the biggest opportunity to come along in a long time within the
> > Forest Service. If you are highly skilled or educated in natural
> most have one or the other but not both
> >
> > or just have a serious desire to get your boot in the door,
> and many will never get more than their boot in that door

TEAMS was my last and best hope for getting my boot in that big green
fortress door. Now that I am in, I'm seeing great opportunities for myself
and anyone else willing to grab the ring and run with it.

> > apply to work
> > with TEAMS Enterprise this spring. For more info, drop me a line at
> > fotoware at or my USFS mail at lharrell at
> >
> > Larry
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