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Did the ostrich pull his head out and say something?.........Nope, he just

Personally, I am very comfortable with being in the middle of the road on
forest management issues. We CAN get everything we want out of our forests
without compromising wildlife populations, hydrological integrity or visual
aesthetics. How can you say that thinning projects (which currently still
have enough value to be sold) constitute a "rape" of the forest? I'm rather
proud of the stands of trees I've "sculpted" by picking and plucking
individual trees, leaving the biggest and the best trees more healthy and
more fire resistant.

It IS easy to go out into the woods and find blitzed areas from the past
logging. I am all for considering other forest values and mitigating or
avoiding problems within projects. Don't underestimate the healing power of
our forests, though. Even after the railroad logging days, when we hardly
even acknowledged environmental damage, many species rebounded, despite the
incredible damage. Today's projects usually have some component of
"restoration" in it and usually offer some commercial timber to pay for the
needed fuels treatments. "Preserving" an unhealthy, overstocked and
fuels-laden forest guarantees a future stand-replacement fire.

BTW, we don't just do "timber" projects. We surveyed for Northern Goshawks
and found quite a few. I also enjoyed computer mapping Giant Sequoias.
Instead of just talking about how our forests should be, join TEAMS and take
it into your own hands.


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