TEAMS job update and outreach

Karl Frisch karl at
Mon Feb 25 10:50:58 EST 2002

Larry Harrell wrote:


> I'm rather
> proud of the stands of trees I've "sculpted" by picking and plucking
> individual trees, leaving the biggest and the best trees more healthy and
> more fire resistant.

Hmmm but is "more fire resistant" necessarily a natural state? Is there
room for catastrophic fires in establishing a "pre-settlement fire
regime?" (Something that Covington and Moore et al have problems with)

> BTW, we don't just do "timber" projects. We surveyed for Northern Goshawks
> and found quite a few. 

Did you use a squawk box? or did you vocally "gek" for goshawks?

> I also enjoyed computer mapping Giant Sequoias.

GIS? Who would have thunk it.

> Instead of just talking about how our forests should be, join TEAMS and take
> it into your own hands.

Shouldn't one determine what the end product should be before
undertaking the project? 


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