You don't need Viagra B

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Mon Jan 14 13:20:32 EST 2002

Hi Everyone!

This is the last chance to take advantage of our special 2-for-1 Offers... See site for details. 
Check out the site below for all Special Offers and Product Information.

*Kathmandu Temple Kiff: Herbal Smoke
*Sweet Vjestika: Aphrodisiac
*Prosaka: Prozac Alternative
*Gentle Ferocity: Gentle, Natural Weight-Loss
*Capillaris Herba: Sedate Herbal Smoke
*Dynamic Duo Martial Arts: Pain Relief

To get the web site send email to herrmail at with the words: SEND-SITE on the Subject Line.
To order by phone call: (617) 825 - 4555 Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm eastern time

To be removed send email to herrmail at with REMOVE on the Subject Line.


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