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Larry Caldwell wrote:

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> > The US timber business has had it easy in past times, and was
> > clearly a sort of welfare recipient, having ripped off forests
> > owners from coast to coast to coast, including many below cost
> > timber sales on public land. Now that they are finding that they
> > have to pay a fair price (some of the time)- they can't compete with
> > the Canadian mills, who are still cutting big timber- the American
> > mills having wasted most of the US big timber from coast to coast
> > and having done little in the way of promoting timber management-
> > having always had the "cut out and get out" mentality.
> I don't understand where the USA is getting its logs.  You may be
> surprised, but almost no timber has been cut on public land for a
> decade.

So, have all the foresters on that public land, state and federal, been fired with nothing for them to do?

>  In Oregon, only 69 million board feet were sold by the USFS
> last year, and due to lawsuits only 1,600,000 board feet were actually
> cut.  This is off of 2.6 million acres of national forest land.  Less
> than a board foot per acre per year.
> In Montana, the salvage of the burned timber from the big fires has
> been mired in lawsuits.  25 million board feet of timber will rot
> before it can be harvested.
> Industrial forest land is being managed balls-to-the-wall for timber
> production to meet demand.  Further increase in private timber cutting
> is not possible.

That's absurd. Industrial owned forest land may be under fair management, but I seriously doubt that all
other private forest land is.

> We desperately need Canadian logs.

Sounds good to me. I'm against the tariff. The situation is different in the Northeast. Here, forest owners
often sell their logs to the Canadians because they pay far  higher prices for stumpage- and who, because
of the tariff, are now paying less for that stumpage. They don't export logs back to the US, they do export

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