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Larry Caldwell wrote:

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> > So, have all the foresters on that public land, state and federal, been fired with nothing for them to do?
> Nah.  It's the loggers that have lost their jobs.  All the foresters are
> sitting around watching the trees grow, just like you say they should be
> doing.

No I never said that- I've always said that the foresters should be working hard practicing forestry.

> If you don't like people cutting trees, you should be in hog heaven.

I love people cutting trees but not just ANY trees- trees that are picked for harvest by a well educated, well
trained forester who had concern for the long term well being of the ecosystem- while duly considering the long
term economics of the forest, that is, the forest as an economic entity which should attempt to yield a high
rate of return on investment; which only to small minded woodchuck foresters means very short rotations
producing lots of low value wood fiber.

Managing logging jobs is where I make most of my income. But, many loggers and foresters are scum balls. You
seem to think all logging is good- anyone who gets in the way is bad, typical Rush Limbaugh type thinking, black
and white.

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