Fungi found 1/19/2002 at Paul Bishop's Tree Farm

Rex Swartzendruber rex at
Tue Jan 22 13:53:46 EST 2002


Are you sure that the hypogeous fungi that Arley found is a Picoa sp. novum?
I have been finding a genus novum in the Coast Range that I thought was a
Leucangium or Picoa. I took it to the Forest Mycology Lab at OSU. The lab
assistant identified it as a Picoa sp. novum. Dr. Trappe saw the specimen
and said that it is a genus novum first collected in 1979. It is yellow/red
with no ornamentation (warts) on the peridium. The gleba is much like a
Leucangium or Picoa. The spores are elliptical with no ornamentation. The
aroma when ripe is very "garlicy" with earthy undertones. I collected enough
to eat (about 8 pounds) and still have materials for propagation.


Rex Swartzendruber

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