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Wed Jan 30 13:48:02 EST 2002

Larry Harrell wrote:

> My first year in TEAMS (Timber Experts And Measurement Services) has been
> quite good, interesting and varied. Even with my extensive Forest Service
> experience, I learned plenty of new things. Here is a partial list of some
> of the things I did last year:
>         Did recon and unit layout of old growth timber sale units in the
> Mendocino NF, according to the Northwest Forest Plan
>         Monitored and documented timber sale activities while administering
> two fire salvage timber sales
>         Transferred Giant Sequoia locations on photos on to a new GIS layer
> for the new Sequoia National Monument
>         Helped to prepare Quincy Library Group projects on the Plumas and
> Lassen National Forests.
>         Led a crew surveying for Goshawks on the Tahoe National Forest.
>         Marked and cruised timber on the Shasta-Trinity, Eldorado and
> Sequoia National Forests
>         Laid out project unit boundaries for a Forest Stewardship project on
> the Stanislaus National Forest.
> Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Let us know who you report to, and we'll all contact him saying we think you
deserve a big raise. <G>

> Some of our other projects include the controversial Bitterroot National
> Forest fire salvage project, another fire salvage project in Grangeville, Id
> and a forest inventory project near Bonners Ferry, ID. We also have plenty
> of other projects going on in our Planning group.
>  TEAMS has grown tremendously in the last year, adding NEPA and planning
> services to go along with our established and successful implementation
> services. TEAMS will be growing again and I wanted to get this out to
> potential new employees. There will be permanent and temporary positions
> available so, start getting your resume together and watch this newsgroup
> for breaking news.

But, isn't it unfortunate that the forestry profession offers so few REAL
permanent jobs? What sort of titles do you have? It sounds like you're doing
REAL forestry work, but does the USFS consider you a REAL forester or do they
reserve that title for the big fat lazy honchos? <G>

> We're looking at April through June to make our hirings
> for the upcoming year. There has never been a better time to get into a
> permanent position with the USFS.

You mean being a TEAMS employee is a permanent position with the Forest Circus?

> Even less qualified candidates can be
> hired as temporaries, to learn and qualify for a future permanent
> appointment. We depend on quality people who can work their way up through
> our organization with hard work, good training and excellent attitudes.

Just curious, but what sort of attitudes?

> TEAMS employees are expected to be in travel status most of the time, with
> TEAMS paying perdiem and housing. We do have employees from all over the
> country and they do get to go home frequently.

What sort of entity is TEAMS? A private consulting firm contracting to the

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