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> Larry Harrell wrote:
> > My first year in TEAMS (Timber Experts And Measurement Services) has
> > quite good, interesting and varied. Even with my extensive Forest
> > experience, I learned plenty of new things. Here is a partial list of
> > of the things I did last year:
> >         Did recon and unit layout of old growth timber sale units in the
> > Mendocino NF, according to the Northwest Forest Plan
> >
> >         Monitored and documented timber sale activities while
> > two fire salvage timber sales
> >
> >         Transferred Giant Sequoia locations on photos on to a new GIS
> > for the new Sequoia National Monument
> >
> >         Helped to prepare Quincy Library Group projects on the Plumas
> > Lassen National Forests.
> >
> >         Led a crew surveying for Goshawks on the Tahoe National Forest.
> >
> >         Marked and cruised timber on the Shasta-Trinity, Eldorado and
> > Sequoia National Forests
> >
> >         Laid out project unit boundaries for a Forest Stewardship
project on
> > the Stanislaus National Forest.
> >
> > Pretty exciting stuff, eh?
> Let us know who you report to, and we'll all contact him saying we think
> deserve a big raise. <G>

I did get a well-earned promotion during the summer.

> >
> >
> > Some of our other projects include the controversial Bitterroot National
> > Forest fire salvage project, another fire salvage project in
Grangeville, Id
> > and a forest inventory project near Bonners Ferry, ID. We also have
> > of other projects going on in our Planning group.
> >
> >  TEAMS has grown tremendously in the last year, adding NEPA and planning
> > services to go along with our established and successful implementation
> > services. TEAMS will be growing again and I wanted to get this out to
> > potential new employees. There will be permanent and temporary positions

> > available so, start getting your resume together and watch this
> > for breaking news.
> But, isn't it unfortunate that the forestry profession offers so few REAL
> permanent jobs? What sort of titles do you have? It sounds like you're
> REAL forestry work, but does the USFS consider you a REAL forester or do
> reserve that title for the big fat lazy honchos? <G>

I did get a look at our Annual Report and our new personnel directory,
seeing lots of new vacant positions. We'll have plenty of Forestry
Technician positions (which I am) and 2 or more entry-level Professional
Forester appointments. We will also be filling some Natural Resource
Specialist positions to complete our Planning group. Most of these positions
will be flown in-house but, the Forester and Tech positions will be open to
all. I'm sure I could eventually go back to school, get my degree and
finally get that coveted Forester status.

> > We're looking at April through June to make our hirings
> > for the upcoming year. There has never been a better time to get into a
> > permanent position with the USFS.
> You mean being a TEAMS employee is a permanent position with the Forest

Yep, and with downsizing still the trend in California, TEAMS is the only
unit hiring right now. I consider myself quite lucky to have my permanent
seasonal position. I'm guaranteed 18 pay periods each year.

> > Even less qualified candidates can be
> > hired as temporaries, to learn and qualify for a future permanent
> > appointment. We depend on quality people who can work their way up
> > our organization with hard work, good training and excellent attitudes.
> Just curious, but what sort of attitudes?

Work ethics and diligence help to get one noticed in the hierarchy in TEAMS.

> >
> >
> > TEAMS employees are expected to be in travel status most of the time,
> > TEAMS paying perdiem and housing. We do have employees from all over the
> > country and they do get to go home frequently.
> What sort of entity is TEAMS? A private consulting firm contracting to the
> Circus?

We are officially part of Region 5's (California) Reinvention Lab in the
USFS. We operate like a business, getting no funding from Congress and
hunting down our own business. We take a look at a Unit's project and submit
a bid, just like a private firm. Generally, we take on emergency projects
like fire salvage and other kinds of labor-intensive projects. At our last
meeting, I suggested putting up a website outside of our government
intranet. With all our positions filled, we should have about 80-120
employees, including temps.

> >
> >
> > If you have any more questions, feel free to drop me a line at
> > fotoware at or, if it will make you feel more important, try my
> > government e-mail, lharrell at    <G>
> >


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