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<snippage of USFS questions in interest of brevity>

> Some people may be working "hard" but the value of that hard work isn't
> economically worth the cost. Somebody in the USFS and state governments
ought to
> be looking at this. Maybe they do in the USFS, they don't in state
> JZ

You should rephrase that to "... they don't in SOME state governments."
Although apparently not the case in Massachusetts, quite a few states have
forestry programs that return revenues to their coffers that exceed their
forestry costs by significant multiples.  I know that is the case in both
Oregon & Washington, and I believe it is also true in several southern
states. Here in Oregon there are also at least 2 counties (Coos & Hood
River) that own enough forest land to have their own forestry staff and fund
a significant portion of their OVERALL county budget with the financial
returns from their forestry. operations.

Bob Weinberger

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