I have a dream

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I have a dream
I'm convinced that one-day perpetual motion will be invented. A bold statement, 
but in my opinion, magnets are the key to make it happen. My name is Alexander 
Siera, and I want you to put all your prejudices aside and judge at the 
end of this text. In my professional life, prejudices are issues I deal 
with everyday. But, don't worry, this email is not work related nor has 
it commercial intentions! 

To clear your mind lets put inventions into perspective
Generally until the 17th century people where convinced the earth was flat.
Generally until the 18th century people where convinced mankind could not 
Generally until the 19th century people where convinced it was impossible 
to walk on the moon.
Generally until the 20th century people where convinced it was impossible 
to clone a human.
Generally until the 21st century people where convinced perpetual motion 
is impossible to realise. 

It started as an artwork
In 1997, I wanted to create an artwork with magnets. Magnets always fascinated 
me, their power is mysterious, but didn't know much about them. After thorough 
research I bought some neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are permanent 
earth magnets, the most powerful magnets available in the world today. 
They found their origin as a product of the space industry. When you hold 
them the retraction or the repulsion is an amazing and fascinating experience. 

Now it is a quest for technology
When I was making sketches for my artwork I suddenly made a drawing that 
astonished me. If I would make this construction, this construction would 
keep on spinning. A perpetual motion movement. I was very exited. My mind 
exploded. You know, this is bigger than the invention of the wheel. The 
invention of free energy will change history. This invention will change 
the way we live in the whole world. Nuclear power plants, combustion engines, 
but even .. wind energy and solar energy will become obsolete. As a result 
no more air pollution, ..
The construction of magnet propulsion
I was convinced it would work, so I started to build a prototype. Soon 
I found out that there are numerous technical problems making this device. 
One of them is that no metal could be used close to magnets. So the prototypes 
I built are made out of wood, carton, rubber, synthetic material, .. after 
some weeks the machine .. didn't work. The prototype only worked partially. 
It gave me great insights for a more sophisticated model (I didn't construct 

My ideas concerning magnet propulsion
Simplified and theoretically I state that the permanent power of a magnet 
can be harvested. Like a windmill transfers the power of the wind into 
energy, the (permanent) power of a magnet is transferred by a magnet propulsor 
into energy. When I would explain how it works, you'll say, 'Why did nobody 
come up with this idea a long time ago!' The principle is simple. The ingredients 
are: magnets, repulsion, spiral movement, central axe, a ball bearing, 
earth gravitation, ..

Mission impossible
I don't blame you if you don't believe perpetual motion is possible. Your 
judgement is based on the current knowledge you perceived in your lifetime. 
Why should you believe it! Prominent and honourable scientists of today 
state that perpetual motion is impossible. Why question their professional 

Prejudice of a population
The idea that perpetual motion is impossible to realise is in my opinion 
the biggest prejudice in modern history. It is even quoted by non-scientists. 
This is the reason why no or very little research is being done in this 
field. A wrong idea is a prejudice. Ideas are very powerful and can influence 
entire populations.

My work as inspiration for other idealists
If I won't succeed in making it work, I'm convinced, eventually somebody 
else will succeed. If this message can inspire only one person on this 
earth to start researching magnets and eventually invent magnet propulsion, 
my goal is reached. I'm a happy man. 

Do you have a dream? 
Maybe this idea will remain an idea; maybe this dream will remain a dream. 
For mankind I want to believe magnet propulsion will be possible. It is 
the invention of all inventions. What troubles me is that people don't 
dream any more. Dreams to sail around the world, to fly in the sky, to 
walk on the moon, .. that is what life is all about. Do you have a dream?

Continuation of research
If you have a suggestion, proposal or remark concerning magnet propulsion, 
I'm very eager to hear from you. You can contact me: Alexander Siera, Pacificatiestraat 
45, B-2000 Antwerp, Belgium alexander at magneet.be

To keep on working I transferred some parts I used in my experiments into 
art multiples. If you are interested you can go to Ebay and search for 
'magnet propulsion'.

Thank you for your time reading and sharing a part of my dream.
I appreciate if you forward this message to your friends or interested 


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