NTFPs in B.C.

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Thu Jul 4 22:33:33 EST 2002

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> Hi everybody, 
> I am doing some research on NTFP's in B.C. I am interested in
> discussions regarding this topic. So if anybody is intersted just let
> me know.
Which ones?

There are some interesting records regarding matsutake (Tricholoma
magnilevare) in BC, but at least one of the areas was quickly cut
after the announcement that the mushrooms were more valueable (almost
on a yearly basis) than the 30-year-cut average.

Truffles are known from BC, but their economic value or abundance is

Commercial mushroom hunting is big business in much of the PNW. Much
of the available data does not differentiate between states or
provinces. And there is some question whether some of BC's noted
production didn't actually come from much further south.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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