House panel approves extra wildfire money

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>From The Oregonian, p A4

House panel approves extra wildfire money
A committee votes to add $700 million to fight the season's ferocious

By ALAN FRAM, The Associated Press
	WASHINGTON - A House committee voted Tuesday to provide an extra $700
million for battling wildfires that have raged across more than 3
million acres this year, mostly in the West.
	The Republican-led House Appropriations Committee approved the funds
by voice vote, although lawmakers and aides said the Bush
administration opposes the extra money. The White Housethinks federal
agencies have all the resources they need, legislators said.
	"I'd suggest to OMB (the White House Office of Managmeent and Budget)
that they smell the smoke and recognize this is a serious problem,"
said Rep. David Obey of Wisconsin, the committee's top Democrat.
	The full House meanwhile, passed byvoice vote a measure that extends
legal protections to foreign firefighters enlisted in the battle in
one of the worst wildfire seasons in history.
	The legislation, not yet taken up by the Senate, would make foreign
firefighters employees of the federal government for the limited
purpose of shielding them and the countries that send them from

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