NTFPs in B.C.

findus sudnif at gmx.de
Tue Jul 16 16:31:03 EST 2002

I am developing a strategic NTFP plan for a specific area at the
coast, and Mushrooms are certainly one interest area. But I am also
looking for other ideas or potential markets. Are you in the mushrooms
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> > Hi everybody, 
> > I am doing some research on NTFP's in B.C. I am interested in
> > discussions regarding this topic. So if anybody is intersted just let
> > me know.
> > 
> Which ones?
> There are some interesting records regarding matsutake (Tricholoma
> magnilevare) in BC, but at least one of the areas was quickly cut
> after the announcement that the mushrooms were more valueable (almost
> on a yearly basis) than the 30-year-cut average.
> Truffles are known from BC, but their economic value or abundance is
> unknown.
> Commercial mushroom hunting is big business in much of the PNW. Much
> of the available data does not differentiate between states or
> provinces. And there is some question whether some of BC's noted
> production didn't actually come from much further south.
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