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Greg Donovan gdonovan at
Wed Jun 5 13:03:28 EST 2002

I tried the demo Computer Based Training Course on the Internet       
          and liked it. It was a demo on the Solaris Operating System.
course I ordered was supposed to be similar on the Linux Operating
System. The course I received was nothing like the demo. There
was no computer based training included like the demo. It totaly
I received a stack of books and a CD with "Testing Software" on it.
The test questions were incorrect. When I called I received no
responce to my complaint. I emailed customer service and when I
did finally get a responce I did not receive the corrected software or
answers. What I did receive was a condesending letter in which
Jennifer S. Harford Senior Customer Service Representitive
informed me that when Microsoft first released Microsoft Windows
ME it had 60,000 known bugs in it. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO SATISFY
ME!!! Telling me that they use MICROSOFT as a standard for quality
control! On a Unix based product no less. I am a Unix systems
Administrator for Jefferson County Public Schools of Colorado the
largest K-12 School district in the State of Colorado. I will make it
well known to anyone who will listen my very disapointing experiece
with SmartCertify Direct. I am also a member of USENIX and the
Colorado System Administrators Guild and will use any influence I
have in these organizations to discourage anyone from being
defrauded by SmartCertify Direct. The product being advertised on
the internet is not what you will receive and you will get nothing but
a condesending letter when you try to get a remedy to your 


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