Boise depicted as big green dinosaur

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Fri Jun 7 10:48:38 EST 2002

>From The Willamette Week, June 5, 2002, p 18

News Murmurs
Where no news is offsides.

If you thought you saw a giant dinosaur poking its head over the
horizon on your way into work Wednesday, don't sweat it. As WW went to
press Tuesday night, the folks from the Rainforest Action Network were
preparing to inflate a 12-story green-meater at the Environmental
middle School on Southeast Orange Street (in Portland, Oregon) to
protect the "outdated" logging practices of paper titan Boise, which
distributes products made from old-growth trees. (More info on the
protest can be found at

Comment by poster: I don't think we're talking Dynotopia here. Boise
is cutting old growth trees (outside the US) and converting them to
paper products and plywood. Boise has been linked to human rights
violations in Mexico.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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