Paulownia in the UK ?

John Cawston rewarewa at
Sun Jun 9 04:09:29 EST 2002

Andy Dingley wrote:

> I'm considering two things:
> 1)  Buying a small (<10 acre) woodland (SW England / S Wales)
> 2)  Planting paulownia, with a view to timber production.
> I'm a woodworker. I know a little about timber (the square stuff that
> grows on the back of trucks), but next to nothing about trees or
> forestry. I'm interested in buying paulownia timber, but finding it
> near impossible in the UK.  Admittedly this is a rather drastic
> solution....   8-)
> Any advice ?   _Anything_, in the most general sense, would be news to
> me, so please fire away.
> I don't expect this to make me rich. I don't care. I don't believe
> "wonder tree" stories on principle, so I've not just been suckered
> into some Make Trees Fast scam.  I'd like to avoid having the whole
> plantation die off in the first winter though....
> General advice, pointers to newsgroups, books, courses, etc. on small
> woodlands in the UK are all welcome.

Don't know about the UK, but down here (NZ) it grows in pretty specialized
areas relatively free of frost and wind. There are different species with
varying degrees of frost tolerance.

One thing that might work is to plant 20 ft saplings grown in a protected
environment, but beware, they are nutrient and water loving whilst


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