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> Close ALL the Forests & Wilderness areas off from off-roading, camping and
> hiking UNTIL the rains come and the extreme dry fire conditions lessen.
> Here in Arizona, a lost female off-roader lit a signal fire, now known as
> the "Chediski Fire" which has joined with the "Rodeo Fire" creating a 50
> mile long blaze encompassing over 200,000 acres.  The Chedeski Fire
> threatened areas to the west of the Rodeo Fire and now is burning through
> two fairly populated areas and the towns of Heber/Overgaard which most
> likely would not have been in the path of the initial Rodeo Fire.  All those
> homes are now under siege of the fire monster, because of the dumb lady
> hiker.  Geez - what's next?  Over 30,000 have been evacuated with more
> further down the path of the zero-control wildfire.  A few weeks back,
> another man-caused fire nearly swept through the town of Prescott, but winds
> shifted - good thing as its population exceeds 60,000 and its surrounding
> communities make up over 100,000.  So... close ALL the forests and state
> parks in the West until the danger has subsided - BEFORE there is NOTHING
> left to CLOSE!  Ted Sandy - Gilbert, Arizona
I understand what your saying, Ted. But not all forests are in the
same situation. Here in Oregon and Washington, weather has been on the
cool site with sporatic rainfalls. While the fire season has already
started, they are relatively small compared with the inferno found in

It's interesting though that in Oregon, after the dry hot years of
1987-89, forest managers have the ability to close a forest to
_anyone_ if the temperatures and humidity create deadly fire-prone

I kind of wonder what the lost hiker was thinking about, and whether
they will be charged with the loss of property their carelessness has
cost the state.

Any cost approximations yet on fighting the fires?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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