Tree branch accident kills logger, 23

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> > 	Gable Southwick of Sheridan died about 8:20 a.m. when the branch flew
> > into the air and struck him in the chest. Firefighters from the Gaston
> > Rural Fire Protection District needed 35 minutes to get to the site
> > near Mainline Road from their station in Gaston. By the time they
> > arrived, Southwick had died, said Betsy Rawls, fire district
> > spokeswoman.
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> > Comment by poster: anyone who thinks logging is an easy life should
> > check the actuarial figures on logger mortality from on-the-job
> > accidents.
> From the article, it appears there was no qualified first aid attendant
> and accompanying ambulance on site.  If so, why not? Are WCB regulations
> that much more lax in Oregon than in BC?
> Here in BC, most logging shows have at least one Emergency Medical Tech
> in the crew, with an equipped ambulance on site.
I don't believe Oregon Department of Forestry requires first-aid
attendants at logging sites. Many loggers are qualified for minor
emergencies. I'm not sure, in this case, that the attendants could
have aided even if they were on the site. I'm guessing that with a
limb through the chest death would have been rapid.

I'm not real sure that Gaston has EMT's in their fire department. Many
rural communities in OR are operated totally by volunteers.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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