Maple sugar threatened by (global) warming

Edwin Pawlowski esp at
Sun Mar 24 00:50:06 EST 2002

"Daniel B. Wheeler" <dwheeler at> wrote in message

> Earthweek (for the week ending Mar. 15, 2002)
> Maple sugar threatened
> The U.S. maple industry is threatened by warming temperatures,
> shorter winters, increasing drought and invasions of insects,
> according to testimony before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public
> Works Committee.

Yes, before Enron we had the snowiest winters.  It is not global warming, it
was ever since the put a man on the moon.  Things have not been right from
that day.  Am I the only one that noticed?  No, it was Sputnik.  Yeah, that
it, Sputnik.

who spent the first day of spring shoveling snow.

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