Tree branch accident kills logger, 23

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You do realize, if we "boycotted" the US, you'd be f**ked.
You need our electricity (California still has brown outs...they would be black outs without us) you need our raw logs, you need our land to pipe oil and gas from Alaska (or heck, why don't you nuzzle Saddam and get more oil from him???)

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  Larry...  First, I doubt the U.S. is worried too much about one or 
  even a few uptight Canadians who get(s) upset because one of those 
  U.S. citizens (me) used common logic to derive a possibly incorrect 
  assumption.  It would make sense to me that since Canada does 
  have socialized medicine, that the related costs would be taxpayer 
  funded too.  Well, if they're not, I'm wrong.  So be it. 
  I'm not going to kiss your ass because I am wrong.  As a U.S. 
  citizen, I've not been very excited about many of the decisions 
  Canada has made as a country in the last couple of decades. 
  Since I live in a bordering state (Michigan) to Ontario,  I have been 
  to Canada many times in the past.  I am now boycotting 
  your country for several reasons that have to do with changing 
  the conservation and law-abiding gun ownership laws.  I have 
  known some people in Canada that I think are awesome, and 
  that much has not changed, but I'm not going to step one foot 
  into that country until the government starts to make some sense. 
  I'm not too certain about whether or not the timber subsidies do 
  or do not exist, but I have no reason to believe that our experts 
  made them up for political or other reasons. 
  As far as the U.S. standing alone, we never stand alone.  That's 
  why we are called the United states.  We stand together. 
  We have many allies, including Canada, in the big picture. 
  I hope we can continue this "oneness", despite our differing 
  views on matters, but if we can't - I am not concerned 
  knowing very well what our country is capable of. 
  In conclusion, If I am wrong, than I apologize for being 
  wrong, but I am not going to apologize for anything else, 
  knowing damned well that I didn't offend you or your country 
  any more than the man on the moon. 
  Geoff Kegerreis 

  Larry Stamm wrote: 

    Geoff Kegerreis <Geoff at> writes: 
    > Canada=Socialism=Taxpayer medicine=Subsidized ambulance or attendant on site. 
    > Like that's a suprise? 

    The ambulance and EMT are soley the responsibility of the employer 
    (logging contractor) and are a cost of doing business in the bush in BC. 
    No subsidy whatsoever. 

    Your ignorant assumptions about the nature of my country are an insult 
    and an example ofthe "Ugly American".  If the US and its citizens 
    doesn't wake up and join the rest of the world, it is going to find 
    itself isolated and without friends when it needs them... 
    Larry Stamm 
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