Maple sugar threatened by (global) warming

Dave Smith adavid.smith at
Thu Mar 28 21:35:52 EST 2002

"Daniel B. Wheeler" wrote:

>         The U.S. maple industry is threatened by warming temperatures,
> shorter winters, increasing drought and invasions of insects,
> according to testimony before the U.S. Senate Environment and Public
> Works Committee. Sugar makers say the season for tapping into the
> maple trees for sugar is beginning earlier each year, and this winter
> may be the warmest on record for New England.

There are a number of maple sugar farms in my area, and they have been
tapping their trees for the last 2-3 weeks, just like they do every March.
The normal weather for this time of year has traditionally seen
temperatures hovering around the freeing point, below freezing at night
and above freezing during the day. There has been no dramatic change.

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