RAIN! Glorious rain!

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at ipns.com
Tue Nov 12 13:55:25 EST 2002

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> > There may actually be a mushroom and truffle season, Dorothy!
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> > Daniel B. Wheeler
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> My Blewits have finally started coming up, found the first 2
> yesterday.  They are about 25 days late from their average
> time of arival.  One is frost damaged and the other buggy.
> I don't remember them ever being buggy in my patch before.
> Sure a bit of slug damage but never buggy :(
> The next week will show how bad the dry weather hurt the
> mycelium
At a local mushroom wholesaler yesterday, saw several nice matsutake
(but the dealer wasn't in, and I couldn't get prices on them). Am
going back today. Tonight...(maybe) another matsutake omelette! Number
5's work well for me, and often have a little more aroma to my nose
than the number 1's or 2's. Only saw one that was wormy, so am hoping
that our record freeze hit those poor mushroom gnats that so commonly
feed on _my_ food supply (I so hate to share).

Daniel B. Wheeler

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