A humorous mycophobia incident

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Tue Nov 12 16:32:39 EST 2002

dwheeler at ipns.com (Daniel B. Wheeler) wrote in message news:<6dafee1b.0211042212.75d3771b at posting.google.com>...
> While doing research today at The Oregonian, I found the following
> article in their old file microfiche files. Thought others might get a
> chuckle from it.<G>
> From The Oregonian, July 19, 1981
> Mushrooms, cat surprise family
> 	OLYMPIA (AP) - A plate of mushrooms and a convulsive cat were cause
> for panic for an Olympia family.
> 	A husband, wife and their five children returned from a jaunt in the
> woods several days ago with a load of mushrooms, said Ed Manary, a
> state fisheries aide.
> 	After eating the cooked mushrooms, they gave the leftovers to their
> cat.
> 	The cat went into convulsions and a veterinarian was telephoned.
> 	"Forget the cat and get yourselves to the hospial right away," the
> vet said, according to Manary.
> 	All seven rushed to an Olympia hospital where their stomachs were
> pumped.
> 	Back home they found the cat - healthy, purring and mothering kittens
> she had just delivered.
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> Daniel B. Wheeler
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          So that's where babies come form, Good thing they had their
stomachs pumped I don't think they were ready for more kids .


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