Report says Klamath panel erred

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Fri Nov 22 12:53:39 EST 2002

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> > Not according to Klamath Tribe members, who had the land before
> > farmers moved in. Of course, their views were not considered by the
> > government...
> This may come as a shock, but the Indians have their own agenda, as well 
> as having superior water rights in the Klamath Basin.  Their agenda is 
> only concerned with fish when it suits their purposes.  The Klamath 
> tribes have filed water claims for more water than exists in the Klamath 
> Basin as a bargaining piece in their effort to regain their reservation 
> lands.  They will align with any party that furthers their cause, and 
> will abandon any party that hinders their cause.

And how exactly does that make them different than land-grabbing
water-abusing whites? If it is NOT OK for idians to do it, why is it
OK for whites to do it?


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