Report says Klamath panel erred

Daniel B. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sun Nov 24 22:31:07 EST 2002

Larry Caldwell <larryc at> wrote in message news:<MPG.184b052a2492639998a36d at>...
> In article <6dafee1b.0211231415.178e1db6 at>, 
> dwheeler at writes: 
> > There does appear to be an agenda. I don't see the Klamath tribe
> > involved in it, since their tribe legally doesn't exist at this time
> > to my knowledge.
> You are very mistaken.  Plus, it is the Klamath TribeS.  There are Modoc, 
> Paiute and Klamath tribes involved in the Klamath Basin.  They have all 
> had official tribal status restored, but they didn't get their 
> reservations back.
I'd still like to see something more than just your informed opinion,
Larry. If I am mistaken, a citation would certainly prove that

Daniel B. Wheeler

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