Report says Klamath panel erred

Larry Caldwell larryc at
Tue Nov 26 13:19:22 EST 2002

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> As one of the stakeholders, co-owner of a wildlife preserve,
> co-steward of several endangered species, I have personally toured the
> area and informed myself on the issues. Among other things I found out
> that Billionaire Simplot with 24,000 acres watered with federal water
> is one of the "family farmers". That explains the mystery of the high
> level of financing that the various "dogs in the fight" have to make
> noise with.
> By the way, if you look, you won't find Simplot on a deed in the area:
> he gave the land to the Nature Conservancy with reservation that he
> gets to run cows on it for basically the rest of his life, so Nature
> Conservancy is the source of the cow pollution getting in the water
> upstream.

Yeah, I know the radical enviros hate the Nature Conservancy with a blind 
passion.  Not only do they pasture cows on their land, but they log their 
forests too.  It drives the extremists nuts to see actual management for 
habitat rather than preservationist neglect.


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