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> > But if it's for decorative value with the fruits a lesser bonus, they do
> > creep around quite prettily, rather than producing tall canes that dry out
> > in homely  stands. You should contact a Northwest native plant specialist
> > like Wally Hansen  by e-mail or letter, as such specialists could get this
> > even if they never bother to put it on their regular lists.  Contact
> > Hansen through www.pnplant.com, or track down the Native Plant Nursery in
> > Mount Vernon, WA; Pleasant Home Road Nursery in Salem OR; or Black Lake
> > Nursery in Olympia WA. Or write to the Washington Native Plant Society,
> > 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115 (www.wnps.org). WNPS has their
> > own annual native plant sale at the Bellevue Botanic Garden &/or UW
> > Aboretum, but also will note in the newsletter other annual native plant
> > sales (such as at University of British Columbia, The Clallum County
> > Conservation District in Port Angeles, King County Conservation District
> > nwp sale, the Hardy Plant Society annual sale in Hillsboro Oregon, &c &c,
> > many of these events being a chance for specialty nurseries to promote
> > themselves & provide the public with stuff not offered in typical retail
> > nurseries.
> > 
> Black cap's leaves are deep red now and look pretty nice with frost.
> Berry production is minimal.
> Those are good PNW leads. Where are you?

I'm on the west side of Puget Sound. It's a tiny bit colder in winter &
much windier in summer on our hilltop than ever it was in Seattle, & we
get a couple good snowfalls each winter (but they melt fast). Except for
once-a-decade freeze-your-ass-off exceptions, mainly it's moderate weather
year-round. I hate to travel & the only things that'll get me happily into
the old Volvo & drive longish distances is to visit yet another specialty
nursery, or into the rain forest which is like having Eden in our back
yard, or off to surrounding states bookscouting in used book shops -- my
sweety arranges just such journeys for just those purposes so that I'm
inspired to go, thereby cajoling me into spending time with a scattered &
extended family I might not otherwise get round to visiting ever.
Sometimes I wish we had a little truck so I could bring back big shrubs
from distant nurseries (as there's stuff especially from Oregon growers
never encountered from our locals) but it's just as well I can only bring
back wee woodland flowers, since the garden is finite & there are very few
remaining directions for me to extend big shrubbery (though happily still
a FEW directions to spread).


"Flowers are commonly badly designed, inartistic in 
color, & ill-smelling." -Ambrose Bierce
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