Bi-partisan fuels reduction plan

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> October 3, 2002   Denver Post
> Forest-thinning pact up for vote
> By Mike Soraghan
> Denver Post Washington Bureau 
> Comment by poster: It's a good start and let's hope that it will stay
> a true compromise. Minimal droughts will still continue to have major
> effects on overstocked forests out of the "red zone". Remember,
> "crisis logging" is not a sustainable activity. I see the new
> compromise partially addresses that problem but, is it OK to sacrifice
> those areas in favor of saving human's houses? Regardless of how it
> shakes out, the BLM and USFS have serious manpower problems. It's fine
> and dandy to spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to produce these
> documents and project details. It will take true talent and experience
> to implement them properly. Maybe the only way to insure proper
> implementation of these projects is for the public to review the
> "finished product" and take it to court if it has been done wrong.
> Many folks in the government hate having the public looking over their
> shoulders but......I welcome extra eyes checking MY work.

Oops! Did I say that?!?! I welcome "educated" eyes to review my work.
In order to review work, you first have to know the details of the
contractual items within the project.
> Mark my words: I predict that the Bush Administration will force the
> BLM and USFS to use fire fighters to pick up the slack in putting
> these projects together.

Would you trust all those new fire fighters with paintguns to use
science in managing our National Forests? Unfortunately, to save
money, the Bush administration will not hire and train new permanent
employees to implement ANY new policy to reduce fire danger.
Contracting the work out will cost more than using government
employees plus, that doesn't even include the cost of inspections.

Any other ideas??


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