Thinning in the Pacific Northwest?

Larry Harrell lhfotoware at
Wed Oct 9 18:13:50 EST 2002

dwheeler at (Daniel B. Wheeler) wrote in message news:<6dafee1b.0210090747.2e9b8f34 at>...

> Now if we could just get rid of this president and get one that
> actually knows some forestry... But that's unlikely to happen when the
> timber industry was perhaps the largest single contributor to the Bush
> campaign coffers (through individual donations, of course). And Bush
> definately knows which side of his toast is buttered.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

I agree that Bush shoots himself in the foot, forestry-wise (an
oxymoron of a word, eh?). Dubya just wings it when he talks about
forests. Maybe he idolizes Reagan so much that he's adopted the "Seen
one tree" philosophy, too. Rey and Bosworth should be regularly in the
spotlight, "educating" the citizens rahter than just sitting on the


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