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> SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.(AP) - Thousands of trees infested by beetles
> have died and pose a major fire danger to the mountain resorts of the
> San Bernardino National Forest unless they are cut down and removed,
> fire officials and forestry experts said.
> State forestry officials estimate at least 35,000 trees, mostly pines,
> have died recently from beetle infestations.

We have a major bark beetle infestation going on all over the west 
because of two years of drought.  The trees don't have enough moisture to 
pitch them out.  Even well established, mature stands are dying.  
Overcrowded stands in need of thinning have been particularly hard hit 
because of competition between trees for available moisture.  

Private landowners are doing a lot of salvage thinning.  The feds, of 
course, are doing nothing.

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