Fungi as additional tree crops

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Thu Oct 17 03:01:05 EST 2002

"Daniel B. Wheeler" <dwheeler at> wrote in message
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> While purchasing maitake (Grifola frondosa) today at a local farmer's
> market, I also saw some nice Cantharellus formosus, aka Western
> chanterelle. Since I haven't found many of these, I asked the guy
> running the operation where they came from, and found out a farmer was
> irrigating a field nearby, and was also irrigating some of the trees
> on his property. The chanterelles were fruiting in response to this
> irrigation. While I kind of wonder if the chanterelle production is
> paying him for his irrigation costs, it is an interesting concept.
> Daniel B. Wheeler

Daniel, you should publish a book, "Cooking with Mushrooms". Do you have any
recipes? Be sure to distinguish those that might cause psychedelic effects,
as we don't want any of that! After all, we're all redneck woodsmen. <G>


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