Fungi as additional tree crops

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Thu Oct 17 11:15:52 EST 2002

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> > While purchasing maitake (Grifola frondosa) today at a local farmer's
> > market, I also saw some nice Cantharellus formosus, aka Western
> > chanterelle. Since I haven't found many of these, I asked the guy
> > running the operation where they came from, and found out a farmer was
> > irrigating a field nearby, and was also irrigating some of the trees
> > on his property. The chanterelles were fruiting in response to this
> > irrigation. While I kind of wonder if the chanterelle production is
> > paying him for his irrigation costs, it is an interesting concept.
> >
> > Daniel B. Wheeler
> >
> Daniel, you should publish a book, "Cooking with Mushrooms". Do you have any
> recipes? Be sure to distinguish those that might cause psychedelic effects,
> as we don't want any of that! After all, we're all redneck woodsmen. <G>
> JZ
Ha - we can always count on Joe.  Since we have to present ourselves as 
level headed and conservative to our clients, the counterculture roots 
have to be disguised... I blame the tree paint fumes.

Our early october rainfall is long gone here in the extreme NW. We've 
actually got a forest fire burning on the coast. Nearly unbelievable.  
If it gets into old cedar salvage it'll burn till snowfall.
The shrooms we did get are dried up. When we get a great Indian Summer 
like this, sometimes we lose the whole chanterelle season.

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