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Wed Oct 30 21:41:14 EST 2002

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> > Bevan Forestry, based in Sullivan County, New York State, USA, is
>  currently
> > searching for a person to fill a new forestry/technician position.  This
>  is
> > an entry level position and is ideal for a recent college graduate with a
> > technical degree or professional degree and technical degree.
> >
> > Please contact Bevan Forestry at 845-439-4909 or forestry at for
> > further information.
> >
> >
> Just curious, but I assume you're a consulting firm? If so, please stick
> around here and throw in your 2 cents on the many issues we talk about here.
> What's your web page URL?

I was browsing through the Forestry Guild's site in the certification
listings and saw their entry. Could be a good way for us to learn
about "real" certification, Joe. I wonder if the USFS couldn't become
"certified" and start getting more return for Federal logs, instead of
being dirt-cheap.

> Or are you a logging firm pretending to be a forestry firm? If so, that's
> naught. <G>
> Joe Zorzin

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