Field Forester Needed - Bevan Forestry

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Thu Oct 31 12:10:24 EST 2002

> I was browsing through the Forestry Guild's site in the certification
> listings and saw their entry. Could be a good way for us to learn
> about "real" certification, Joe. I wonder if the USFS couldn't become
> "certified" and start getting more return for Federal logs, instead of
> being dirt-cheap.

Wouldn't that be a kick - the feds timber program submitting to outside 
agency, science based referees!  Wait a minute - isn't that what happens 
anyway? Except that the science part is still up in the air?
Actually, the state of Washington DNR IS considering it.  If FSC wasn't 
so expensive, it would probably be a shoo-in. 

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